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Since 1979 the then BEI/PIC* Neoi Nimics* Group, is specialized in providing  Secure Encrypted wireless Hardware and Software! In the 80's the CEO of the company as a first designed a secure Satellite Terminal for a German Industry ( to the dismay of the Big Brother who could not any longer listen to German Satellite Communications). Keep the "Friends" from listening into the Communication Links and Mobile Phones of Governments, Companies and others, contributing to the protection of Information and Industrial Developments, preventing industrial espionage and more ....

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Voice Encryption of Mobile Wireless Communications is not that simple. Because of the available Infrastructure of Telecom Service providers, there are several Hardware Backdoors in Mobile terminals, that can be explored and render encryption useless. Nimics takes care in its solutions and points out weak points in Consultation with Government and Corporate Customers.

It has to be pointed out, Voice encryption over standard GSM networks is not possible, therefore Nimics uses for Voice Encryption of wireless links the IP or as commonly known VoIP method and standards. New Networks and Hardware are required to design 100% secured and encrypted Voice and Data Communication, wireless terminals! Contact us we have the solutions!


Data Encryption on Mobile Devices is only effectively possible the past couple of Years and is still under further development to counter the power of Hackers and Intelligent Services with their powerful intrusion tools. Nimics is constantly updated and on the forefront, testing its solutions with specialists worlwide. Contact us for the latest solutions!


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